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How to decorate a full bed



This article is for those people who have always wondered how to have that bed well made, beautiful like in the pictures in magazines. In fact, a bed made, fragrant and well decorated immediately transforms the room environment and invites you to relax. It conveys that tranquility and security we need to feel when it's time to rest after a long day. But then how to do? How to decorate the perfect double bed? First of all, you should think a little about what both people who are going to sleep in this bed like: the colors, the patterns, the textures on which both or both agree. A third of our lives are spent in bed. It is very important to remember this! Secondly, it is also important that these colors, patterns and textures can be in accordance with the entire environment of the room: the color of the walls, the floor, the furniture, natural and artificial light. It will, after all, be the whole set that will create the desired pleasant and harmonious environment. After that then choose the bedding you are going to use.




Sheets: preferably choose natural materials, as they are less likely to cause irritation or allergies: cotton or linen. Satin is also a good option if you want to create a more sensual environment. Flannel is recommended for winter or colder rooms.


Put a bottom sheet, with or without elastic, but always well stretched, to protect the mattress and make your "stay" more comfortable and a top sheet or a cover sheet (if you use a duvet). If you like, spray some perfumed water with some very soft natural aroma: lavender, rosemary, roses etc.... It is advised that the sheets are changed once a week, but this is obviously a personal choice. When washing, try using a concentrated softener to soften and perfume the fabrics.







Blankets: Made from wool or other similar synthetic materials, blankets are warm and provide that feeling of weight/protection that some people like to feel on colder nights. If you like to use, put as many as you need. With the advent of comforters, lighter and with different types of filling suitable for each season of the year, some people stopped using blankets, in any case, you can use both if you wish.






Duvets:  Duvets have gained space in our beds. are light, you can choose between the very warm ones for the winter, or with a lighter filling for the summer. just like the blankets, put only one or the ones you think are necessary.





Duvet covers: protect the duvet from getting dirty, they are easy to wash and can replace the top sheet and the bedspread at the same time. As they come in several colors and patterns, you can have several and change them to give the room that new look.




Bedspreads: Usually made of more sophisticated fabrics and/or more exquisite textures, they are the ones that give that final touch of charm to the bed decoration, standardizing the room space.



Pillows and trow pillows: The icing on the cake! Combining with the color palette of the bed makes it a more comfortable space to sleep or just be. Start by placing two larger pillows with different colors, patterns or textures on the headboard to create some contrast, within the color palette of the bedspread or walls p. ex. Next and in front of these two more sleeping pillows, which can be a little smaller in neutral tone or plain. Go on putting "layers" of two pillows until you have the amount you consider sufficient, always alternating between more color and more texture, with a smoother or more sober layer to create visual contrast.




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