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There are many ways to maximize space and light in a tiny space.  Taking advantage of a small room can be a real challenge. In this article you'll find very simple and effective ideas to  inspire you on that super mission.


Mirrors are magical


This is an option that always works. A big mirror in a small room will double the idea of space, reflecting and spreading light all over the place.


Forget those pretty curtains


A beautiful pair of curtains? Forget it. They will block light, and will limit the available space on the wall.  If your room is really tiny you should try roman or japanese blinds instead.

 Multi functional Furniture


Choose multi functional furniture to avoid wasting a single inch or centimeter.


From the floor to the ceiling


Take advantage from the ceiling height. High storage can be a great idea. Creating a mezzanine can be an ingenious solution.


Light and fresh colors



Choosing  light colors makes a space look larger. No need to choose only white. Use and abuse of pastel tones.



Clever storage




simple and practical ideas to keep everything in order: baskets, boxes, drawers can help you gain some space in the floor.

Take advantage of the parapets and window openings!








A parapet is the ideal place to put some flower pots or install a mini garden of aromatic herbs.
An embrasure can be used to create a home nook and / or another storage space.



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