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You can turn very quickly any room in your home just using color.

If you can not decide what colors to use in your space just follow our suggestions and go ahead creating that cozy bedroom or that super vibrant living room to receive friends!

Here we'll show you 6 palettes that always work, bringing freshness and charm to any room.



Black and white


Returning to basics. Two timeless colors that allow you to combine in a versatile manner textures and patterns. No room for errors.




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Soft pastels




Shades of green, lavender and pink for spaces that you want fresh and bright Lightweight fabrics and delicate textures complete the calm setting with smoothness.


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Pink tones




 It's time to rethink pink. Pink's delicate tones convey charm and romanticism. Combined with shades of white on walls or furniture convey class and sophistication.


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Gray and yellow




Gray and yellow are the perfect combination to transmit power, light and comfort to any space.

You can use the more acidic and vibrant colors or soft pastel palettes: the environment created will always be timeless, fun and full of character.


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Blue palettes 




Blue forever! The calm of the sky and the tranquility of the sea in softer tones. Depth, elegance and sophistication in the darker ones. Tones to use and abuse. Combinations that always work great.


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Gray and... gray



This is an everlasting trend. At first, it looks like a boring solution, but actually it brings an endless amount of options, taking full advantage of different color's depths and/or combining layers of textures and patterns.

Environments can range from simple and minimalist sophistication to the most exquisite and classical setting.


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